Nina is an Intuitive Mentor specialising in helping others align with their true potential to create an extraordinary life full of connection, abundance, fun and empowerment. 

She helps others find back to themselves, their passion, their radiance, their inner guidance and spark. 

Nina is lit up by teaching powerful tools for Energetic, Emotional and Mindset Mastery, helping her clients access their Quantum Space and exponentially increase their potential. 

In this, her clients turn on their personal magnetism, their inner bliss & wellbeing and are empowered to move through life with grace, ease and prosperity. 

Through Nina’s work, her clients find their flow and Divine Feminine & Masculine Power to access states of beautiful creation in their personal lives and businesses as well as becoming masters of allowing and receiving. 

Using her intuition, expertise and 10-year experience, Nina weaves the following modalities, areas and teachings into her work:

The Art of Energy Mastery. 

The Art of Allowing. 


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“I have to say that our session and the Energy Work you taught me has lifted me in so many ways, to know who I am deep down. Doing the Energy Practise with Earth and Cosmic Energies is just so empowering every time, since it really speaks to who I identify myself to be. Thanks again!!"

— A client from Finland


“I had a private session with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Nina, as well as participated in a group event with her. Not only is she gifted, her loving energy and Divine connections to the lovely Goddesses and the Spiritual Realm is AWESOME.


I am so blessed to know this lovely soul. I recommend Nina highly and look forward to watching her and participating in her group for years to come. 

Thank you Nina, for sharing your Divine gifts in a way that transcends this Earthly Realm and lifts all to higher self. Love & hugs”

— Joan Tomlin
“Nobody teaches like you, Nina! And I have been around the block”

"For those who haven't worked with Nina: She is one of a kind. I have encountered many Spiritual Mentors, but her grace and focus on actual self-empowerment is amazing!

She will hold space for you and provide the much-needed guidance without shaming! 

Nina is everything I look for in a Spiritual Mentor!"

— Dr. Miriam Sekandi


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Nina Kathrin