Fractals of my Art Alchemy

πŸœƒ  Painting the Frequencies of Gaia  πŸœ„

🜁  Painting the Frequencies of the Divine  🜁
Energy-encoded, channeled, light-coded


Nina is an Intuitive Artist & Mentor channeling elevating, uplifting and activating energy into her art pieces. Connecting to specific energies, frequencies, dimensions and realms, she joins her own creativity with codes from Divine Source Consciousness in her paintings.

She enjoys getting the best out of a whole variety of mediums:

Spanning from watercolour to alcohol inks, oil and pastel. Her art has been commissioned by private collectors, conscious entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations from around the world. 

Nina has been passionate about drawing, painting, the frequency of colours, nature and spirituality from a very young age. Her journey has led her through many adventures exploring nature, spirituality, intuitive work, the energy and essence of the Divine Feminine, the frequency of emotions and the magnetism of everything that is of true, organic light. All these elements flow into and merge in her art. 

Some of her paintings have also turned into business logo commissions for international clients and artwork for contemporary, personal development and spiritual websites.


To enquire about an original painting or discuss a commission, please:

  • Message me via my contact form or
  • Connect me via the socials below,
I am excited to help you uplift and elevate your space through high vibrational, unique art!


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Please note, paintings frequently sell already during the creation process or don’t get listed on my website immediately after completion.

If you are interested in a piece you see on the socials, please feel free to
message me right away.


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Love and Blessings,

Nina Kathrin