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Let’s get started!


Part 1:
Let Healy assist you in becoming successful!


Empowering your mindset and energy:

First of all, raise your inner awareness: 
Really become aware of the type of thoughts you hold around Healy and sharing Healy. What are they? Are they positive or more negative? Do they feel expansive or constrictive?

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Then, use these Healy programmes to raise your vibe, get into a positive, empowered mindset and become more attractive and magnetic energetically to those you are meant to serve:

𓆃  Gold Cycle β€“– Release  
To let go of blocks and subconscious sabotaging

𓆃  Deep Cycle –– Cleanse All:
To let go of blocks and subconscious sabotaging. Sometimes also physical toxicity keeps us in a low vibration so this helps with that, too!

𓆃  Gold Cycle –– Relax:
If you feel tense around sharing Healy or get lost in the "how to", in your head.

𓆃  Job Cycle –– Positive Thoughts:
To help you get into a better, more positive Mindset.
To help you keep your focus on what you want.

𓆃  Mental Balance –– Inner Strength:
To become more confident in yourself and in sharing Healy.

𓆃  Mental Balance –– Feel Good:
To get into a higher vibe that is more attractive and magnetic.

𓆃 Mental Balance –– Contentment syst. + Inner Unity:
To raise your gratitude and inner aligned flow
To get you into a higher vibe.

𓆃  Mental Balance –– Mental Balance acute:
To bring you back into harmony during overthinking, when your vibe is very heavy or dense or when you feel stuck
Supports positive thinking!

You can run these regularly, alternate them and/or simply use them intuitively or scan which ones you need most with the Resonance if you have one.

When you use Healy, use it with the intention to help you with what you feel is more important or aligned in that moment. Your inner intentions are very powerful when you work with Healy!

Trust me, this makes a HUGE difference in your vibe, magnetism, mindset and energy! It helps you get much more into flow and positive alignment and other FEEL that!

Part 2:
Heart-based Business Mindset Hacks

Pick a few of those speaking to you most and focus on them.
Internalise them so that vibration become second nature to you and till you embody the intention:


πŸ’Ž Very important: Don't feel you have to sell, sell, sell! Whether there is a promo or not. It's not about "selling". It's about SHARING.

πŸ’Ž Share Healy because you LOVE it and the benefits Healy offers us, not because of the commission or fast start bonus etc.

πŸ’Ž Ask yourself: How can I serve others best in this?

πŸ’Ž Be open to receive no matter through with channel or pathway the abundance comes in. Perhaps it's via Healy, perhaps via something else! It's all divinely planned and timed.

πŸ’Ž Detach yourself from personal gains: Yes, you are 100% worthy of receiving and all the abundance you desire, but how this comes to you CAN but does not have anything to do with your biz or Healy success. This way it CAN connect organically, but the energy is not forced. Forced energy usually equals less fun, less success, less ways for good stuff to come in.

πŸ’Ž My tip is to visualise and FEEL how people get better, improve their lives and transform into the best version of themselves using the Healy. Knowing it will serve them in their lives feels SO GOOD and it activates something in me that makes people reach out to me regarding the Healy, even when I don’t actively promote it.

πŸ’Ž I think it's all about wanting good, health and prosperity FOR others and it will come to ourselves, too. It's like you're automatically included in it!

πŸ’Ž Really detach from what you want to get out of it (yes, you get to have all you desire), but connect also to what THEY get out of it. FEEL your members getting great results and FEEL them getting beautiful ABUNDANCE.

πŸ’Ž It's not about US making money with Healy, or getting our Fast Start promotion free Resonance or free upgrade. It's about the RESULTS our PEOPLE get from them using the Healy. That's what makes you attractive energetically to those who can benefit from what you have to offer.

πŸ’Ž Be playful and intuitive around sharing Healy. It dosen't all have to be tecchy, automated, funnels, etc. It can be SOOOO simple!

πŸ’Ž Don’t try to β€œsell” Healy. Simply share it!
Don't 'try" to build a business, simply go ahead and take action. Don't focus on "trying". Don't "try" to share Healy. Focus on what you desire to already be done! FEEL it already being done! And so it is! 

πŸ’Ž Have fun with it! Don’t fall into the mind trap. Really become aware of the type of thoughts you hold around Healy and sharing Healy. What are they? Are they positive or more negative? Do they feel expansive or constrictive? The moment you make sharing Healy mostly a head/mental thing, you suffocate the high vibe and flow. Don't try to figure out HOW TO "sell" Healy. Just do what you have fun doing and include Healy in it and share that. Much better vibe and flow that way! It doesn't have to look a certain way.

πŸ’Ž Feel into and play with your gratitude that you have for your Healy and the community. And your gratitude for the benefits you're getting from Healy and the biz-side of it.

πŸ’Ž And most importantly: FEEL into your gratitude you have for helping others change their lives using Healy. Imagine and feel the happiness someone feels when they get to feel better after running a Healy programme... Feel gratitude for how relaxed they get to feel after running the Gold/Relax programme. Or any other example. Dabbling in that gratitude for the positivity other get to experience is powerful.

πŸ’Ž Bring all of this not just into your conscious, aware and rational mind, but listen to what your SUBconscious and UNconsicous minds are programmed to. Once you can throw out the old paradigms and beliefs, you can install the new ones like the above ones. This alone is powerful!


Again, use your available Healy programmes to help you with that:

𓆃  With Quantum Frequencies...
 This all becomes even more powerful! 


Part 3:
Sharing Healy without Selling

✨ When you love Healy, and have your energy 100% behind it, meaning you really know and trust the incredible potential of this device, it’s very easy to simply share it from a mindset of wanting to do good for others, wanting others to have amazing results and benefits, too. This is when SELLING or the icky "HARD SELL" becomes heart-based SHARING that actually feels GOOD! It feels in positive service to others!

✨ When you know the beautiful transformational power that Healy has and want that for others, too, it’s easy to share and Healy almost β€œsells itself”, you don’t have to sell it. You simply share what you know and feel about Healy. That’s it. Very simple.

✨ Sharing from a focused intention of: What can they get out of it? How will they benefit from Healy?
πŸ‘‰πŸ½That’s when it stops being sale-sy and starts becoming heart-based. 

✨ When I share Healy, it’s coming from a service-to-others intention. I want to do good for others and help others. I share Healy because I’d love them to have the amazing benefits of Healy in their lives. For themselves, for their families. I would love for others to have the same beautiful support from Healy that I get from the device. I know it changed my life and it helps me in so many ways, every single day. In small ways and in big ways. That’s what I want for others, too. I want them to experience the Balance, the Harmony, the Abundance, the Wellbeing, the Ease, the FLOW. 

✨ When you share Healy from this intention, it will never come across as pushing or selling or even as a hard sell. When you share Healy with love, because you are convinced of its beautiful benefits for others, people feel that energy behind it. When someone sells just for the money or the status, that can be felt as well. It mostly happens unconsciously, but people do feel these vibes. 

✨ So if you are afraid of coming across as wanting to sell, ask yourself the questions:
–– Why do I want to share Healy?
–– How do I think Healy can benefit them?
–– Which change and transformation do I think can Healy bring to their lives and families?

✨Personally, I see Healy as a technology that is of huge benefit for the entire planet. We really need it. Things have been so out of balance. We are now on an upward spiral and the consciousness of the planet is expanding. But a lot of us still need help letting go of the old, transforming trauma, emotions, mental blocks, physical issues, pain, etc. There are a lot of things we can do to heal, transform, expand and grow. And Healy, to me, is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever come across so far and it’s perfect for what we need as a planet at this point in time.  

So: How could I not want to share Healy? Personally, I would do myself and others a disservice to not share this amazing tool. I’d feel bad just keeping it to myself or not sharing it because of my on personal blocks. So I make it easy for myself and simply share it. Because I love it. 

✨When you simply share Healy (or anything else) from your highest and most pure intentions and then simply let go of the outcome, the need to sell, the ego to make a sale, and simply let it unfold as it is meant to unfold, that’s when it becomes really powerful. 

✨Knowing we make a positive impact in the world means everything and when we are open to receive, we make it a win-win for everyone! And that's another powerful and beautiful intention for your Healy business right there: Having it be a win-win for everyone!

✨In my view, New Earth 5D living and business is all about equality and unity in all our uniqueness! No more hierarchical structures, no more status issues, no more "top 10 percent" or "top 1 percent". No more elite, no more top-down system where everyone on the top flourishes and everyone at the bottom suffers. No more celebrity culture and this also applies to heart-aligned business. This is all about giving everyone a fair and equal chance and opportunity.
It's all about having EVERYONE thrive, creating mutual benefit, creating win-win situations for everyone without the old-paradigm sense of competition. It's all about having everyone thrive through their own uniqueness, gifts, talents and unique abilities, in their own way, in a way that serves them and everyone around them, in a positive way. When we internalise this, when we life from this intention and embody it, we create a powerful vortex of harmony around us!


Again, use your available Healy programmes to help you with that:

𓆃  With Quantum Frequencies...
 This all becomes even more powerful! 


Part 4:
Simple & Easy Road Map to Share Healy
–– without 'Selling'


1. Set the right intentions for yourself around why you want to share Healy (include benefits for others and also what you desire for yourself to open yourself up to receiving)

2. Find fun ways to share your excitement & benefits around Healy.

For example:

πŸ’Ž Combine Healy with something else you genuinely love e.g. Fitness, Yoga, Art, Creativity, etc. And show people how you use Healy to optimize those areas in your life using Healy. 

Use these β€˜anchors’ to talk about Healy online or offline on a regular basis, a few times a week, e.g. post little teasers or pictures of you using Healy to optimise your performance during a workout or write about what Healy has changed in your life. 

Here is a post I made as a sample to show how you can connect Healy to your passion and what you truly love and spread the word that way – it's less in your face for those times when you want to be more subtle in your posts. I often do that in FB and IG stories, too.

And it's authentic and totally without being salesy or pushy.

Sometimes I like to do proper promo posts or posts with an active calls-to-action or offer a demo scan and sometimes it's really effective to do more subtle "teaser posts".

These simply get people curious about what this device is. They want to know more and start to ask questions proactively. I like to mix up all kinds of posts so it remains fun and light! 

Use this sample post as inspiration to find new ways to talk about Healy and weave it into your life, hobbies and passions and share Hearly that way! Makes it even more powerful and magnetic! And also very easy, light and fun! 🌈 πŸ’ž πŸ’›

πŸ’Ž Share your favourite Healy videos & info materials with those you think are interested or could benefit. 

πŸ’Ž You can also share a leads page that I’ve set up so that people who are new to Quantum Frequencies have all resources in one place to understand better what Healy is, how it works and what it does.

I've included a note that sends them back to you if they want to buy or have any questions. 

3. Keep holding your initial intention for sharing Healy once you speak about it in a post online or with a person. Do this by simply letting go of any desired outcome.

Know you’ve done your part and let everything unfold. You've done your part, now the Universe and the Healy energy in the Quantum Space will do their part for you.
If you shared with a person directly, follow up in a light and easy way. If they like Healy and want to know more, that’s great, if not, that’s great, too!

4. Keep checking yourself if you hold any tension around sharing Healy or β€œneeding to sell”. If you find any, let it go. If it feels hard to let it go, use Part 1 to help you release and need, attachment or outcome. 

5. Do all steps regularly. However often feels good for you, get some routine & regularity in there and most of all...
Simply feel good about Healy and you sharing Healy at any stage and be happy with that. Everything else will fall in place from there. 


Again, use your available Healy programmes to support you, because:

𓆃  With Quantum Frequencies...
 This all becomes even more powerful! 


Part 5:
Video Training to Build Your Healy Business


Heart-aligned Biz Tip - Holding positive intentions for others
> Click here to watch <

Vibration and aligned action
> Click here to watch <

How to not feel overwhelmed sharing Healy
> Click here to watch <

Sharing without needing
> Click here to watch <

Sharing Healy (Training from Thomas)

> Click here to watch < 

How To Answer The Most Common Questions About Healy (Training from Thomas)
> Click here to watch <

Part 6:
Resources to Make your Healy Business Easy


1. Healy Leads Page:

Often people struggle with managing all the different resources and videos to send to people who are interested in Healy. This page gives your leads all information around Healy, what it is, how it works, which results it gives, testimonials, Healy demos and much more!

It's never been easier to share Healy with others, you can simply send them the link and after they've had a look, they can come back to you if they want to buy a Healy or have questions. 

Simply send them this link:

2. New Member Onboarding + Everything Around Healy:

Once people have bought a Healy from you, you are their sponsor. To help them onboarding, getting to know their new Healy, learn how to set up their new Healy and get the most out of it, you can share this page with them. 

It's got the first steps with the device, how to set it up, troubleshoot, get the most out of it & everything they could ever need around Healy.

Simply send them this link:

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