' R A D I A N T   A B U N D A N C E '

Energy-activated floral in oil
On gallery-wrap canvas
Deep edges painted in gold

40 x 40 cm
(15.7 x 15.7")

EUR 475
Free Worldwide Shipping


Frequencies of   ' R A D I A N T  A B U N D A N C E '
  • Vibrant & radiant flow of abundance
  • This painting emits the high-vibrational energy of Hibiscus
  • Radiates the frequency of overflow, abundance and vibrant life-force energy into your space
  • Holds healing space for you
  • Emits the frequency of New Earth Gaia
  • Rich, feminine receptivity and play are her undertones
  • To have this painting exude its energy into your space, you can purchase the original or prints: Message me for questions or to order a print.

What is Energy Activation Art?

Energy-activated & light-encoded original paintings are portals of energetic frequencies and code packages that are channeled into the piece of art during the creation process via a very unique and proprietary method.

The hand-painted original holds the highest potency of this energetic signature and exudes it into your personal field, your space/home indefinitely, like an energetic vortex.

All you have to do is being open to that energy. You will receive & be activated by the codes that are meant for you in their pure, divine form.

🜂   Unique Energy-activated & Light-encoded original paintings directly from the artist   🜄
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  You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity along with the artwork
  The painting is signed on the back
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  Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for varnishing and safe packaging before your painting is dispatched.
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Shipping times vary depending on destination country and continent. Please get in touch if you'd like further details.

Returns: All purchases are final

Please note: Colours may show up differently on every computer, phone or tablet.
Gold, metallic, iridescent and light-reflective pigments will shift in intensity, hue and glow depending on the light.

If you have questions or would like additional photos or an additional detailed video of the artwork, please contact us here.



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