VIP Mentorship Programmes 


Let's activate your Personal Power through Quantum Expansion, shall we?

Committing to your own empowerment and freedom is the first step.

Everything is possible. 

This is not just an empty saying.

I mean it. 

But you have to mean it, too. 

I can show you how to, especially in those moments when frustration, doubt and fears kick in. 

We work deep on your internal alchemy. 

Because you create your reality from deep inside. 

It's always from the inside out, never from the outside in. 

If you do it the wrong way around, you are always subject to conditions. 

But in this mentorship, we'll take away all the conditioning and circumstances. 

They won't hold you back anymore. 

If you are ready. 

Quantum Expansion, Rapid Acceleration. 

We'll play with the Magnificence Matrix.

And you'll learn the Alchemy of Allowing. 

This is where the magic starts. 

This is you manifesting the life you desire. A life that is extraordinary. A life where you can tap into bliss on demand. A life in which you are the director of the movie. A life in which you decide the plot. This is fun and so exciting! And you'll learn exactly how to.


For my VIP mentorship you can choose between:

––––––––––– Premium VIP –––––––––––

- 4 private sessions a month
- Unlimited mentoring support via Voxer
- All modalities I work with included
(e.g. RTT - Rapid Transformation Therapy 2hrs sessions)


––––––––––– VIP –––––––––––

- 30 min private intro session
to establish what you need, desire and want to achieve
- Unlimited mentoring support via Voxer

Intro month available for both versions!

After that, you can then opt for a monthly rolling mentorship or for 3, 6 or 9 months at a discount!


Here is the thing:

Having unlimited mentoring support is priceless when you want to reach your full potential! Because you get all the support, mindset and energetic back-up you need to truly transform your life! 

And you get exactly that in both VIP mentorship versions.
As part of your UNLIMITED MENTORING via Voxer, you literally have me in your back pocket:


You can text or voice message me ANYTIME to ask questions, get support, coaching, perspective, insights & tools for you to...

Navigate and lead yourself out of challenges - with poise and ease and grace, to align, let go, release and re-focus on joy, happiness, alignment, harmony, abundance, pleasure and your pure potential!

Having support like this is priceless because it's often those small or incremental things in daily life that get us out of alignment and have us spiral downwards.

You'll have a resource every time you feel stuck, need support, require a mindest pick-me-up. I'll coach you through what's going on for you and you don't have to wait for days till our next session.


You can resolve things right away and get back into flow and alignment.

You'll have me at your fingertips in your back pocket to help you move through all of this so you can rise and align!

You can do this! And it's even more fun together – with someone who holds you in your highest potential!

Your alignment, abundance, transformation and freedom can start right now!


You can book your space for the VIP version here
And for the Premium VIP version here

You can also send me a message if you have any questions about my LIVE programmes or private VIP Mentorship versions
via Facebook Messenger or DM me on Instagram!

We'll find out what is be the best way forward for you!


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Nina Kathrin