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Deep Subconscious Reprogramming
Experience Tracks

Along with the teachings, energetics, mindset tools
in the modules, the tracks help you to deeply programme your subconscious to: 

Success as a Soulpreneur!!!

The subconscious reprogramming tracks alone are valued at $119,
but you get them as a bonus as part of the SSS self-study Edition.


Do you have questions?

If you have questions to any of the above services, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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“I have to say that our session and the Energy Work you taught me has lifted me in so many ways, to know who I am deep down. Doing the Energy Practise with Earth and Cosmic Energies is just so empowering every time, since it really speaks to who I identify myself to be. Thanks again!!"

— A client from Finland
“I had a private session with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Nina, as well as participated in a group event with her. Not only is she gifted, her loving energy and Divine connections to the lovely Goddesses and the Spiritual Realm is AWESOME.
I am so blessed to know this lovely soul. I recommend Nina highly and look forward to watching her and participating in her group for years to come. 
Thank you Nina, for sharing your Divine gifts in a way that transcends this Earthly Realm and lifts all to higher self. Love & hugs”

— Joan Tomlin
“Nobody teaches like you, Nina! And I have been around the block”

"For those who haven't worked with Nina: She is one of a kind. I have encountered many Spiritual Mentors, but her grace and focus on actual self-empowerment is amazing!

She will hold space for you and provide the much-needed guidance without shaming! 

Nina is everything I look for in a Spiritual Mentor!"

— Dr. Miriam Sekandi


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Nina Kathrin