' T R I P L E   G O D D E S S  
M O O N   G L O W  '

Watercolour, Gold Leafing, Gold Pigments, Mixed Media
Genuine Gemstone Pigments of Sugilite, Piemontite, Sodalite

40 x 50 cm
(15.75 x 19.69")

EUR 350
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Frequencies of 
' T R I P L E   G O D D E S S   M O O N   G L O W '
  • Part of the premium collection MYSTIC MOON
  • This painting emits a very high-vibrational, cosmic energy.
  • Holds the energy of the Flower of Life sacred geometry
  • Radiates the frequency of the Triple Goddess (Mother, Maiden, Crone)
  • Holds healing, expansive space for you
  • Emits the frequency of lunar light
  • Activation & Elevation is one of its undertones.
  • To have this original exude its energy into your space with you as her new guardian, message me here if you have any questions.
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Please note: Colours may show up differently on every computer, phone or tablet.
Gold, metallic, iridescent and light-reflective pigments will shift in intensity, hue and glow depending on the light.

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